Is homebirth safe?

My thoughts and lots of published research on the safety of giving birth in the comfort of your own home.

Informed Choice and the Politics of Maternity Care

Recognition of the inherent power and wisdom of their bodies helps birthing people to trust themselves to make appropriate and healthy decisions, and helps foster a relationship based on open dialogue, equality, and trust.

Choosing a Care Provider and Birth Location

Finding and choosing a pregnancy and birth care provider can be challenging and overwhelming. A prepared list of questions will make your consultation visit much more satisfying and productive!

What Does “Low Risk” Mean?

An explanation of low and high risk pregnancy classifications.

Midwifery in New York State

Posted in Midwifery Practice

What you need to know about LMs, CNMs, CPMs, and LIPs!

Why Choose Midwifery Care?

Hint: because midwives are awesome!