Positive Birth Affirmations

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Positive birth affirmations can be a useful tool in helping to change and/or reinforce your beliefs. Even if you are feeling wonderful and positive, affirmations can only add to what you already intuitively know and feel.

Labor Stimulation Methods

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Natural methods of labor stimulation

Is homebirth safe?

My thoughts and lots of published research on the safety of giving birth in the comfort of your own home.

Chiropractic Care at Every Stage of Pregnancy

A local chiropractor explains the benefits of chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy and posptartum

Informed Choice and the Politics of Maternity Care

Recognition of the inherent power and wisdom of their bodies helps birthing people to trust themselves to make appropriate and healthy decisions, and helps foster a relationship based on open dialogue, equality, and trust.

Choosing a Care Provider and Birth Location

Finding and choosing a pregnancy and birth care provider can be challenging and overwhelming. A prepared list of questions will make your consultation visit much more satisfying and productive!

Essential Yoga for Pregnancy

A local yoga teacher explains the benefits of yoga during pregnancy, and describes several poses that can easily be done at home.

Group B Strep Testing

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What you need to know to screen for and treat Group B Strep infection during pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes

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What you need to know to prevent, screen for, and treat gestational diabetes

Self-Care in Pregnancy

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Prenatal care is more than just the checkups you receive—it is the care you give yourself each and every day.

Optimal Fetal Positioning During Pregnancy

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Movements and positions to encourage babies to enter a favorable position in the pelvis before and during labor

What are the Advantages of Homebirth Over Hospital Birth?

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Pregnant people’s preferences and what the research shows