At BirthRoot we strongly urge you and your partner to attend childbirth preparation classes together. These classes provide you with the information you need to be prepared for the adventure of birth. Additionally, by helping you and your partner to feel comfortable with normal labor and birth, and to gain an understanding of the physical and emotional changes that occur in pregnancy, you will become confident and empowered to take on the challenges of childbirth and parenting.

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Ithaca Area
Holistic Childbirth
Kate Dimpfl, CCE, CBC, CD
201 Dey St, Suite 203, Ithaca, NY
Phone: 917-613-7865

Couples Birth Preparation Workshops
Diane Fine
Fine Spirit Studio
201 Dey Street, Suite 202, Ithaca, NY
Phone: 607-342-2332

Mindful Birthing Classes
Nancy Lee Koschmann, M. Ed., Ph. D., CEC
Bloom Community Room
134 East State St, Ithaca, NY  14850
Phone: 607-539-6783

Empowered Beginnings
Laura Woinoski & Chris Hully
Jillian’s Drawers Community Room
171 East State St, Ithaca, NY
Phone: 607-229-5081

Sarah Kager, RN
204 Fayette Street, Ithaca, NY
Phone: 607-339-9064

Corning, Elmira Area
Lotus Baby Birth Services
Bethany McCarey-Hammond, HBCE, BD
Phone: 607-215-1001

Binghamton Area
Newborn Naturally
Amy Lynch, RN, BSN, CCCE, CLD, CLE
Phone: 303-709-3574

Little Lamb Birth and Baby
Karina Martinez, CBE
Phone: 607-484-7788

Sally Dear-Healy, CCE, CLA, Doula
Phone: 607-757-9407

Syracuse Area
Birth Beautifully
Christine Herrera, CD(DONA)
Phone: 315-395-3643

Birth Basics Meetings
CNY Doula Connection

Doulas of Central NY
Childbirth Prep, Prenatal Fitness, Breastfeeding Basics, Comfort Measures, VBAC Prep, & more
Phone: 315-455-6MOM