Easton, born at home

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For the last several weeks of Destiny’s third pregnancy, she had recurrent episodes of moderately strong contractions every evening. They would begin around dinnertime, continue through her two children’s bedtimes, and then usually abate sometime during the night after she went to sleep. Several times she called me to let me know that labor might be starting and we would make a plan to check back in with each other if contractions got stronger, but the intensity and frequency of the sensations never changed so we would both go to sleep yet again wondering about this interesting labor pattern. This continued for about 2-3 weeks.

Finally, one Sunday evening at the end of March I got a call from Destiny in the evening that was different. She said that the contractions “felt different” and that she thought this would be the one. We decided to wait one hour and see what would happen. Destiny called me back in one hour and said the contractions were still as strong and as regular as before. I decided to head to their house, based on Destiny’s feeling that this was the real thing and my own intuition that I needed to be close by! I called Megan, my assistant, and we drove down together to Endwell (outside of Binghamton).

When we arrived, Destiny was calm and focused. Her two older children, Cullen and Adelaide, were upstairs sleeping, and the house was quiet and peaceful. Contractions were about five minutes apart and appeared to still be mild. I performed my initial assessment of Destiny and the baby, and everyone was doing very well. We chatted and made preparations for a few minutes, but then Destiny decided she wanted to lie down in bed. She thought that she might be able to sleep, and expressed her belief that she would wake up when the baby was ready to be born. I was skeptical—it’s not too often that a laboring person can sleep through their whole labor, but birth is endlessly surprising so I shrugged and wished her well!

Destiny went upstairs to her bedroom and Megan and I went downstairs to the room that was set up for the birth in the basement. I had told Destiny to text me if she was awake having contractions so that I could monitor her and the baby, but that if she was able to sleep I wouldn’t bother her by trying to check on things frequently. Several hours later, Destiny’s husband, Marco, came down to the basement to say that Destiny was awake and feeling like the “baby was coming.” Megan and I ran upstairs and Destiny was in the bathroom. She said that she had been deeply asleep and woke up because she was thirsty so she sat up in bed and reached for the glass of water on her bedside table. She felt a pop, and then some fluid trickling out. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and could feel that the baby was coming! We hurriedly went back down the stairs to the basement where we began to prepare the room and our equipment for the birth. Destiny again sat on the toilet, this time in the basement, and moaned through some strong contractions as the rest of us scurried around her. Marco and a family member were trying to get the birth tub ready as Megan and I focused on monitoring Destiny and the baby. Within a few minutes, it was clear that we wouldn’t have time to get the birth tub warm enough, so Destiny moved to the bed that Megan and I had just been sleeping in. She leaned back against Marco, exclaimed “he’s coming!” and several pushes later Easton Gregory slipped out swiftly and easily into my hands. I placed him on Destiny’s chest, and as she gazed at her new son, one of the first things she said was “Someone get Cullen!”

The next few hours passed quickly as Destiny birthed the placenta, and we tidied up the room, examined and admired the new baby, and watched the sun rise. By the time Megan and I were ready to leave, Destiny, Easton, and Marco were curled up in bed ready for an early morning nap.

Welcome to the world Easton! Congratulations Destiny, Marco, and big brother and sister Cullen and Adelaide!

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