General Information About Giving Birth

Childbirth Connection: Giving Birth
CodeName Mama: 30 Natural Birth Videos and Slideshows to Prepare Children for Labor and Birth
Debra Pascali Bonaro: The Power of Words: Contractions vs. Birth Waves
Kate Dimpfl: We Must Put The Sex Back Into Birth
Midwifery Today: Technology in Birth: First Do NO Harm
Sarah Buckley: Ecstatic Birth: The Hormonal Blueprint of Labor

Early Labor

Full Term Labor Contraction Timer (iPhone)
Full Term Labor Contraction Timer (Android)
The Well-Rounded Mama: Preventing the First Cesarean: Don’t Go to the Hospital Too Early

Active Labor and Transition

Lamaze International: Walk, Move Around, and Change Positions Throughout Labor
Penny Simkin’s Comfort Measures: “The 3 R’s” and Slow Breathing
Your Baby Booty: The Best Birth Positions
Check here for Comfort Techniques


Birth in the Squatting Position
Evidence Based Birth: What is the Evidence for Pushing Positions?
Fetal Ejection Reflex
Wise Woman Way of Birth: Pushing for Primips (primips=first time parents)
WombEcology: Fetus Ejection Reflex and the Art of Midwifery

The Moment After Birth

The Journal of Perinatal Education: Waiting to Inhale: How to Unhurry the Moment of Birth

Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact

Breast Crawl by Newborn Baby
The Human Microbiome: considerations for pregnancy, birth and early mothering
International Breastfeeding Centre: The Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact
The Journal of Perinatal Education: Healthy Birth Practice #6: Keep Mother and Baby Together— It’s Best for Mother, Baby, and Breastfeeding
Kangaroo Mother Care
Lamaze International: Keep Mother and Baby Together
The Magical Hour

Delayed Cord Clamping

Academic OB/GYN: Delayed Cord Clamping Should be Standard Practice in Obstetrics
Academic OB/GYN: An Update on Delayed Cord Clamping and Thoughts on Internet Expertise
Birthspirit: Leaving Well Alone in the Third Stage of Labour
Lotus Birth
Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping
Sacred Severance: Umbilical Cord Burning


BirthRoot Midwifery: Laboring and/or Birthing in Water
Evidence Based Birth: Evidence on the Safety of Water Birth
Giving Birth Naturally: The Benefits of Birth in Water
Giving Birth Naturally: Free Waterbirth Video Clips
Michel Odent: The Science of Waterbirth
Thieme: Neonatal Colonization-Rate with Group B Streptococcus is Lower in Neonates Born Underwater than after Conventional Vaginal Delivery
Waterbirth at Home
Waterbirth International

Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Registry