Is homebirth safe?

Maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates are constantly rising in the United States, along with unnecessary and avoidable inductions and cesareans. More birthing parents and babies die in U.S. hospitals than in many third-world countries, yet the medical establishment in the U.S. continues to go the wrong way toward more and more interference with the natural process—the very thing that is causing the problems.

Homebirth with midwives, however, continues to have a very high level of proven safety. Countries that use the most midwives have the best outcomes. Midwifery care consistently results in statistically safer births, less use of traumatic interventions, and higher maternal satisfaction.

Watch this video featuring several well-known and respected researchers, scientists, and care providers talking about the safety of homebirth:

Read the studies for yourself, and please do as much of your own research as you can. Each paper below is linked to either its original abstract on PubMed or the full-text article if available. Click on the title to be taken to the abstract/article.

Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews

Cohort and Population-Based Observational Studies

Descriptive Studies

The safety of homebirth

Many national and international health organizations have published statements, reports, and opinions about the safety of midwifery care and homebirth.