Linnea, born at home

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Sara was pregnant with her second child, and it had been a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. Shew started noticing some irregular contractions on a Friday about four days before her due date. Shortly after midnight, Aaron, Sara’s husband, called to say that she had been having regular contractions every 3-4 minutes since about 9:00. We decided that I should come to their house, so I called my assistant, Megan, and headed out into the cold December morning.

I arrived to find Sara walking around their apartment, calm and relaxed. The baby’s heart rate and Sara’s vitals were stable. Megan arrived soon after, and we dozed or chatted as Sara tried a variety of positions with each strong contraction. Every half hour or so Megan or I would listen to the baby. Everything continued to be stable.

At around 4:30 am, Sara decided to try resting for a while and laid down on the bed in the living room. She was able to doze in between contractions, waking up during the contractions to breathe and focus. An hour or so later, Sara got up to walk around some more and kneel by the bed. Shortly after 6:00 am, Sara was standing by the kitchen table with Aaron rubbing her back when there was a big splash at the peak of a contraction. I had been resting in the living room, but sat up straight at the sound and hurried into the kitchen. I saw a spreading pool of clear liquid between Sara’s splayed legs and grabbed my doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. All was well with the baby, but we knew that the birth was approaching!

Sara began to feel increased pressure and a desire to push with each contraction after the waters broke. We helped her back into the living room so she could kneel by the bed to push. About 10 minutes later, a head began to be visible with each push. Linnea was born quickly and easily and I passed her through Sara’s legs to be brought up onto her chest.

Soon after, Sara moved up onto the bed to deliver the placenta with Linnea calmly nursing and looking around. The next couple of hours passed peacefully as Sara and Aaron got acquainted with their new baby daughter and introduced her to their three-year-old son, Luka.

Welcome to the world Linnea! Congratulations Sara, Aaron, and big brother Luka!

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