Optimal Fetal Positioning During Pregnancy

Posted in Pregnancy

Describes movements and positions that mothers can do during pregnancy to encourage babies to enter into a favorable position in the pelvis in preparation for labor.

Craniosacral Therapy

This post explains the benefits of craniosacral therapy

Why Should I Hire a Doula for my Homebirth?

Posted in Guest Posts, Homebirth

A local doula discusses the benefits of doulas at homebirths

Healing Through the Wild Feminine

A local practitioner explains Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care

What are the Advantages of Homebirth Over Hospital Birth?

Posted in Homebirth

Women’s preferences and what the research shows

What Equipment do Midwives Bring to a Homebirth?

Posted in Homebirth

Ever wondered what’s in those big bags midwives lug around?

What Does “Low Risk” Mean?

An explanation of low and high risk pregnancy classifications.

This is my First Pregnancy. Is Homebirth Right for Me?

Posted in Homebirth

It certainly can be! Here’s why I think so…

What About the Mess?

Posted in Homebirth

We provides lots of instructions and help!

Benjamin, born at home

Posted in Birth Stories

A speedy first labor!

Midwifery in New York State

Posted in Midwifery Practice

What you need to know about LMs, CNMs, CPMs, and LIPs!

Why Choose Midwifery Care?

Posted in Midwifery Practice

Hint: because midwives are awesome!

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