This is my First Pregnancy. Is Homebirth Right for Me?

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image8Sure! If you are having a low-risk, healthy pregnancy it doesn’t matter whether you are having your first baby or your tenth. If you meet the following criteria, then you are probably eligible for a homebirth:

  • Good physical and mental health
  • Good nutritional status
  • Adequate social support before, during, and after birth
  • Socially mature and able to accept responsibility for birth outcome
  • Positive emotional environment
  • Access to childbirth, homebirth, and breastfeeding education (books, classes)
  • Access to emergency transportation
  • A clean home and birthing room, with electricity, running water, and a working telephone
  • You understand that technological intervention is used only when necessary
  • You understand that pain medication will not be used during labor
  • You agree to transfer to the hospital during labor, birth, or postpartum, if necessary

First labors are usually a bit longer because your body has never given birth before and has to “figure it out.” It’s particularly helpful for first-time parents to be able to remain in their own environment. Sometimes labor starts and stops and takes awhile to get going in earnest. You can spend this early time in the comfort of your own home rather than an unfamiliar hospital environment. A homebirth midwife or doula can visit you in your home and check on you, and come to stay when you are in active labor. Many people who are first-time parents have safe and beautiful homebirths.